The Bracondale History Group is a group of local residents with a common interest in the history of our area. We meet regularly (currently via Zoom) to share research, discuss our latest findings, and develop work for publication.



Bracondale: A Village within the City (2017) looks at a number of Bracondale residents from the 19th and 20th centuries, some well-known, others less so. Available from Jarrolds or City Books, RRP £14.  Reduced price available for residents, via subject Publications

The Peppermint Boys (2014) explores the stories of 44 young men from Bracondale School who lost their lives in the First World War. Available from Jarrolds or City Books, RRP £9.95.  Reduced price available for residents, via subject Publications

Bracondale: Stories from a Norwich Street (2013) – the book is broadly chronological, showing how the street has developed over the centuries, but also including anecdotes and personal stories, bringing history to life. Currently out of print, but a re-print is under consideration.

A Walk down Bracondale (2010) – a pocket-size book pointing out buildings and related information on what you might see on a walk down this road. Currently out of print, but a reprint is due out shortly.


For book orders or to find out more about the History Group, contact – include HISTORY GROUP in the subject line


How we started:

Bracondale is one of the major – and most attractive – routes into the city. There has always been a lot of interest from Bracondale residents in the history of the area.

In 2002, the association organised a History meeting, when a group of us met in St Marks Church Hall, to talk about topics of local interest. People shared information about their houses culled from the deeds and other records, talked about their own personal research and interests, and discussed facts about the area reported in books and publications, such as the Colmans magazine, Ralph Mottram’s book From the Window Seat, the Jarrold’s book, Citizens of No Mean City, and more.

This was the springboard that really got us started, but it took a further 10 years before we produced our first publication – a pocket-sized booklet called A Walk Down Bracondale, which highlighted items of interest that could be seen from the street. We bravely printed 100 copies for local residents – and quickly sold out.

We then applied for, and were awarded, a grant from the Harry Watson Bursary, which would underwrite a more ambitious publication – this also had a deadline which we had to meet if we were not to lose the money. This concentrated our efforts magnificently. Bracondale: Stories from a Norwich Street was the result, and we have built on this success to publish further books.



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