This section provides an introduction for those who do not currently have a login on the Association Website. If you already have a login then please do not register again.

You must login to the site in order to access information that we have chosen to restrict to our membership. Before you can login you have to register with Voice the service that supports our Website, there are a few questions to answer on two pages. You can start by clicking here

On the first page you enter your email address, your name and a password. Please do not use a password that you also use for any finantial, medical or other sensitive services. Your details will be managed securely by voice but it is never wise to use the same password on multiple sites. Please also be aware that neither Voice nor the Association will share your details with anyone else. If you wish you can review Our privacy statement and also that of Voice.

You may also provide a “Screen Name” such as 'JoanS' which is the name that will appear in discussion posts etc. If you leave this blank your full name such as 'Joan Smith' will be displayed.

On the second page you Agree to the Voice terms and conditions and are also given the options to receive no emails from voice. You can control what emails you receive in more detail later on so it may be better not to tick that box.

Once you have completed these two pages you are all done. Just click on Next to complete your registration. We will review your request (normally within 24 hours) to verify that you are a member of the Association and when we approve it you will receive an email from Voice asking you to click a link. Doing so confirms that your email address is valid and takes you to the site so that you can login. 

You will then be able to access the members’ area and participate in members-only discussions. Please do feed-back comments whether positive or negative.

Although the Voice registration page talks about joining sites; once your registration has been approved you are registered on the Bracondale site and there is nothing else to do. You may want to review your account details and adjust your email preferences to only receive messages from the Association rather than those from Voice administration. You can also specify that you receive these immediately or in periodic batches. 

If you are now ready to register then please click here.  

Welcome, we hope that you find the site valuable.

Once you have logged in to the site you can click the Your Account button at the foot of the page. This displays your account settings. These are divided into three pages: Your personal details, The groups on the Voice system that you belong to (you could join more than just Bracondale), and your email preferences.

Click on Email Preferences to go to the email preference page. There you can select which tyopes of email you want to receive and also whether you want to receive them, as they are added to the system or in periodic batches.

Most users will want to turn off (click the tick so it dissapears) all emails except those for the Association, and set its frequenct to instant or daily as you wish.

Log into the site with your current details and then click the Your Account button at the foot of the page.

Now click the Edit button and make whatever changes you wish. 

Finally click Save apply the changes to your account.